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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this week's top stories a killer for vows that will soon take back control of anti-government strongholds in the east supporting its promises with heavy weapons and more attacks. so that exchange of sanctions between the west and russia makes european businesses look for compensation for multibillion dollar losses they now facing. after a few days silence on the role of arms returns to gaza as a ceasefire between hamas and israel and with palestinian civilians finding themselves in the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe. the u.s.
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returns to iraq as president obama also rises east strikes against the hardest militants in the north of a country with washington now having to fight the same group its supporters in syria. to bad lines of the week and off today welcome to the weekly arching international with me tongue would say first the heavy armor is a moving to was done yet to as the ukrainian army prepares to use its full force on the city now that it hasn't been shelled and bombed extensively already. none of that i distrust of the popular blogs arrives in the city center where attached in a week of assaults more than a dozen people were killed and
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a loan. officer the media the photo work of roads and should have. given up looking. for you here was a much more. hopeful. feel. amid intensified attacks from the army the self-proclaimed republic says it's ready forces wired to avert a humanitarian crisis in the area then i ask is the regional capital and the latest and the hot of antigovernment resistance but it's also vital hub for the entire country at least if you used to be here are some facts for you if they ukraine's are fifth largest city with a population of nearly a million last year forbes and named it as the most attractive city for doing
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business in the whole country now it's one of the state's main economic hubs and the center of the nation's mining industry just two years ago it drew tens of thousands of football friends from all across europe when it was at the host of the twenty twelve football championship how things have changed now even getting out of the air is highly dangerous this dash cam video shows a rocket presume to have been fired from a missile launcher hitting a highway fortunately the driver had a lucky escape most of the people trying to get away from the violence fleeing to russia reflection i went to one of the border crossings. in each of these cars individual stories of anger uncertainty and loss. these ukrainians are fleeing their homes for russian after months of conflict has left well over one thousand civilians stand and reduced whole cities to rubble the people in these
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cars have already spent six or seven hours sitting in line waiting to cross the border which is still a kilometer away but they say they're ready to wait as they practically have no other choice but be. no more. don't usually many of the cars here have a sign. saying they've got children on board a war doesn't discriminate between age or gender only no trouble i go choice it's a good game to just remove. me for years or put a little sheepish will get as close to his nose that what little i'm going to cost to buy you know which of you wait a minute this is where many refugees will end up when they make it across the border to russia and people here are angry. because i saddam also brought
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a man but i still not all feel worse you should have brought in sam a bit from afterward it really could be so but i was floored just skeptical but i started. the quarter the doctor says his family has no room to go back to the moon or store the money don't. you know thor's enjoy your roast for a bore if you have no rights group over for. most of what are you and your cookies here to use if you can't be ethical. he invites me to see where they found shelter the rest so many refugees many don't have a proper place to sleep. tutor's wife also doctor tells us how she lost her home and you served as a boy before i don't know. if any of it in your book may not be a regular dorm farkle. you get up. high in your blood. pressure this could be cheap this camp is designed for
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a thousand people but there are at least twice as much air now every afternoon officials managed to send up to three hundred refugees from eastern ukraine to different parts of russia but every evening even more arrive these people have managed to escape a war that their fight for a peaceful life is just beginning. refn otieno t. from russian ukrainian border. the u.n. says over seven hundred thousand refugees have crossed the russian border since the beginning of the conflict and the humanitarian situation in ukraine is grave moscow has offered age to the embattled zones but washington said it's not russia's place to do so he did the words were flying at a un security council meeting given that ukraine has allowed international humanitarian groups to deliver aid within its territory there is no logical reason why russia should seek to deliberate. apparently u.n.
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problem for repairs things children a better. care of ignores pleas from russian and human rights groups to move youngsters to safety and what is the un think kids deserve to be safe. but that would be. right it's not only civilians who are trying to run away from the conflict on monday more than four hundred ukrainian troops entered russia seeking sanctuary. that's another terrible thing all of us are very happy to be here we've been given new clothes and managed to rest and we're very grateful for that about which when we were encircled we had no way out so to keep the manpower safe our commanders decided to escape to russia i think for no clear reason the ukrainian population is destroying because on both sides we and they are the same people you know. you can't deny these soldiers who cross the border had
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asked for sanctuary however retaining the manpower necessary for the government operations in the east has not proven easy despite launching three recruitment drive since the start of the crackdown kids army is struggling to fill its ranks and. military analysts say the army needs more than eleven billion dollars to replace old weapons and machinery but only a little under eight hundred million was allocated to the military from the state's reserve fund the soldiers are running out of food and have to rely on handouts as a website set up by civil activists calling on people to donate food to the army and just recently the country's parliament introduced a military text that says ukraine's leaders appear to be struggling to pay their soldiers. and there's also under arrest in the capital of ukraine.
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this is how people are reacting to the city's authorities a dismantling a camp on central square previous attempts so enraged protesters burn tires and tents and huge plumes of smoke rose into the air before the firefighters arrived barricades have remained on my done since last november that's when the anti-government protest first started leading to the overthrow of president you knew called it in february the people who was shouting slogans from the stage on my done and supported by crowds would go on to become the new government however six months later people still seem dissatisfied do with those they helped bring to power experts believe people feel deceived by the promises made to them from the point of view of these protesters they're going to stay there because they see the revolution as they call it only half done while the government the situation is
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pretty good we're doing a birth we're going to go through the good will but they cannot deliver on the promises made during the revolution actually situations quite ironic to say the least since the revolution seem to take three hundred sixty degree turn the government they have right now is simply replaced the other and there are simply two point of exit right now were it seems like nothing much exchange overall plus there's a civil war in east. certain producers on both sides of the atlantic have wondered russia's bad on the west and paws could lose them billions of dollars restrictions away imposed after the u.s. and e.u. along with other nations slapped moscow as sanctions over what they say is influence in the ukrainian crisis it's all of a has the details the market for those that back sanctions russia's ban on the import of certain food stamps from the u.s. canada australia norway you see the response to the economic sanctions imposed on
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moscow the ban will block meat fruit vegetables some dairy and fish imports for one year those watching international trade say this shows that russia is a different animal to other nations sanctions recently what's striking is that when the sanctions were ramped up against iran there was very little to wrong to do the west didn't really need much from iran that's not the case with russia and i think russia has made very clear that it will retaliate in a proportionate manner with european i've just said to bear the brunt of the import ban you leaders that backed sanctions against russia look likely to face farmers an export is demanding compensation for their losses there's someone there now it's going to affect us all for us it will take two or three months to collect all remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them and if there isn't a sufficient market prices will go down and we don't know if we can cover the costs
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of production because it is so expensive. the national put it it's a disaster for my company will need to stop production the money will receive without imports to russia won't even be enough to pay for the buses that bring our staff to work in the sense of european food exports to russia worth over twelve billion euros last year between year and finland with the first to contact brussels . compensation some estimates suggest the ban could cost the finnish economy four hundred million euro mostly from dairy exports elsewhere but the german trade union that deals with wholesale foreign trade said the ban posed a risk to the economy in his country in greece the opposition party accused the current government's actions of being detrimental to farming and in r.l. and the minister for agriculture said there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were valued at four point five million euro in twenty thirteen
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european analysts are warning that sanctions are the way to find a solution we trade is a key for peace we shouldn't be in this game of tit for tat thing or the sanctions we we should be negotiating the same table but as it stands russian consumers are going to have to go with imports less than export is going to be locked out the bush. people over. ukraine's planning to punish moscow with the sanctions of its own now the parliament is expected to vote on possible restrictions on tuesday which could include stopping the transit of russian gas to europe now right now the e.u. gets about a third of its gas from russia most of it delivered via ukraine cutting this route off yet could be harmful for the industry of some european countries take slovakia for instance or bulgaria for example which are entirely powered by russia many
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others rely on his gas as a main source as well now of course the scheme could be replaced by the south stream pipeline project bypassing ukraine over there its construction is handed by the e.u. lawmakers but some other nations say they're ready to adjust to the rules to finish construction political analysts mateo's dunfield means ukraine's plan could change the way politicians feel about the alternative supply route. i see that this proposal will never gets reality since the pressure from brussels by commission and other actors from the national states but furthermore it shows that the ukrainian government is not willing to cooperate at all and sees only their own interest after hearing this is for all the states in southeast europe. hungary. and bulgaria to lobbying much more to get a very secure supply and if you create enough willing to guarantee it.
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in a few minutes we'll tell you how the russian navy chased away an american submarine that was moving especially suspiciously close to the old man border. the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any other big story abstract headlines there's a reason they don't want to. leave now let's break the set. when the european union promised to net ukraine become part of it it clearly contributed to the exacerbation of tensions within ukraine ukraine will not become part of the european union don't tell tales ukraine absolutely doesn't have the economic level to become part of the e.u.
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have been. there watching our g.'s of the week mean a passenger plane has crashed immediately after taking off from an a port in the iranian capital tehran. carrying up to forty eight people reports say thirty of them were killed it came down in a residential area five kilometers from the runway injuring several people on the ground and the plane was heading off on an internal flight to some reports say the
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crash may have been caused by an engine problem including this accident that has been at least seventeen fatal catastrophes including iranian planes since two thousand sanctions imposed on the country prohibited from buying new. parts hindering the maintenance of fleets. this week saw a new spiral of violence in gaza three day trees between israel and hamas expired on friday the size of reverted to the use of force with palestinian civilian suffering the most in the crossfire. was the. the an. innocent man who was around when nobody was there and i lay with my gun let me know.
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a month long conflict that has claimed more than one thousand nine hundred lives that's left gaza in ruins and the return of hostilities a brings the region even closer to a humanitarian disaster tens of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged by israeli strikes university hundreds of schools and mosques where rendered into rubble reports say half a million people were displaced that's almost a third of the population for more than a million civilians there is no fresh drink of water we talk to medics without borders advice michelle back from of the shifa hospital she says the israeli strikes achieve only one thing the death of civilians. you know gaza is a very small area it's seven kilometers large on thirty kilometers so it's one point seven million people living in this very small area and still even in this area we are we are shelled every night eighty percent of our civilians
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more than three hundred of the best are children shatha camp has been shelled and i just passed through the emergency room and again children women elderly. the campaign has brought the worst devastation and civilian losses in the years and it's brought many dissenting voices within the israeli forces policia talked to some of the. you know there there are a lot of soldiers a come back and say to yourself you know what the hell are we doing here you know why are we using so much force why are we treating them as a way hannah is one such form israeli soldier she calls herself an anti occupation activist and was one of fifty reserve troops to sign an open letter to the washington post refusing reserve duty talk on their show or the law during the service i didn't talk about this thing and so many are there you just a part of it but more and more soldiers are choosing not to be part of an army
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increasingly seen as the bully in the region we are spending billions and billions . on. the friends system and there is no total different to the. pool. we are not prepared for. the possibility overcoming five wars in eight years levanon two thousand and six thirty four days more than eight hundred people killed and in the end israel faced an even stronger hizbollah for devastating wars with them us two thousand and six eight twelve and fourteen thousand killed international outrage and in the end israel faced a unity government between former rivals hamas and fatah foreign policy was. we had four years in which we lost the middle east. we lost. we in a way lost egypt. we are very isolated in the middle east and many would
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argue more vulnerable the latest operation protective it has done seemingly little to protect israel in the long term you're not going to finish by trying to physically or the story from us there's there's nothing that indicates that it will work this time or indeed the next time and that's taking its toll on the reputation of what was once considered one of the world's most efficient fighting force was the hope is that the coming days will see a permanent cease fire in place but bottom line gaza is in tatters mistrust between israelis and palestinians azad an all time high policy r.t. tell of of. they israeli offensive has been sparking massive protests across the great bend this week people once again took to the streets in new york several hundred marched to the u.n. headquarters to protest the killing of palestinians they called for an end to both of the hostilities and the gaza blockade. was
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german. and their role in german capital for more than a thousand a month straight in a central square waving palestinian flags and chanting anti israel slogans. one of the largest protests a case in must say in france people they condemned president i long for his support of israeli actions and demanded the violence and. more than twenty thousand people gathered in london to raise their voices against the hostilities and they called upon the government to stop on shipments to israel which we are aware that he used to kill palestinian. and american submarine has reportedly been chased away from russia's a sholes apparently the navy spotted the vessel and then all the when barents sea
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and center and two submarine strike group among has a story the american submarine was detected near russia's northern border in the bering sea and was shadowed by a navy strike force and an aircraft the nuclear powered virginia class submarine is capable of launching twelve tomahawk missiles among other armaments after about half an hour of radio contacts the americans were pushed away from the border by the northern fleet. continues from under the water and in the skies in july an american spy plane the rivet joint was reportedly conducting surveillance of the russian military when detected by radar it was then forced to illegally cross into swedish airspace after being chased by a russian fighter jet swedish an american authorities kept silence about the incident for nearly a month but were pushed to admit swedish airspace had been violated after reports and local media. a staunch u.s. ally sweden is not
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a member of nato so they infringement cause some anger the swedish priscilla long with their foreign called leagues made sure the violation of the country's borders was firmly made public knowledge. r.t. moscow and over at a website another leap in space exploration as tests and penetrate a landing system to deliver heavy payloads to maz the full story and video is online so you. can say with a high tackle we'll tell you about already got me inspired rob but can i see some full itself from a flat sheet of material that our team. this week of the u.s. approved and launched airstrikes against this militants in iraq directed our military to take targeted strikes against terrorist convoys should they move toward the city fighter jets and unmanned drones have already carried out three
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rounds of bombing attacks targeting the positions of the so-called islamic state militants from a known as isis it's managed to occupy a large slabs of northwestern iraq and that a caliphate that events of the jihadists has led to hundreds of thousands of things from their homes as other groups considered to cool even by al qaida. half a million people from the yazidi minority have been trapped by the militants on a mountain and near the turkish border isis considers them a devil worshippers them states and as threaten to execute those already. but as our guest told r.t. if these jihad as well give it more than a leg up by the u.s. in the first place. we really have to look at reorientation of western foreign policy in the middle east hostility place because right now we have
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a situation where the west is opposing isis rebels in northern iraq and rightly so but has been tacitly ordered personally supporting them in syria is madness these are us weapons us weapons on both sides in this from bat just as three years ago in libya and in so many wars when you are the top supplier of weapons to the world seventy nine percent of of weapons transfers into the middle east or from the united states you're going to have u.s. weapons on all sides which is just fine for absolutely artless weapons makers looking for a profit but it fuels destruction. drug gangs may go out of their way to protect the illegal crops but it was nature that led them a helping hand this week when russian police try to raid a site. takes up the story. it started as an ordinary drugs raid investigators were checking reports about wild cannabis growing on
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a private property in central russia the reports turned out to be true on the ground they found hundreds of marijuana plants some measuring more than six feet tall that's around two meters but the other thing they found almost ruined the entire operation hidden in the bushes were beehives and as police officers began pulling plants from the ground the bees attack this woman was stung on her face in an uneven battle against thousands of angry insects the authorities had to retreat they were only able to finish the operation after putting on protective gear in the end they destroyed around five hundred plants the land's all in claims he knew it was cannabis but couldn't find the time to pull it out since he was too busy taking care of the bees now he's looking at up to eight years behind bars if it's established that weed was planted there on purpose. the next so weekly news bulletins us here in about thirty minutes up next it's world of odds with a. clean
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more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians. capturing people is messy what do you do if the innocent killing them easy we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. because you don't listen for they come to truth to muslims makes these things are very dangerous and politicians get a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting. in fish farms waters to be the problem me because. i saw it spread all
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over and over is the most cultured food you have in the whole world. drowned zones in the judicial inquiry furthermore those restrictions. so i am. really knows what's inside the fish. oz. i asked ray. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college than in the real world. i don't think simple did that to each other when they knew each other i thought rape was a stranger in the bushes. girl complaining.


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